Osugi Musical Theatre of Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan has written and performed several kyogen  musicals.

1) Mangetsu no Itazura (Moonlight Mischief) – combines Busu (Delicious Poison) and Fukitori (Fluting for a Wife). 1998, 2005

2) Kimodameshi (Taro’s Test of Courage) – our retelling of Yumiya Taro, 2001-4, 2009

3) Triple Kyogen Musical Takara! (Treasure!) – combines Bonsan (the Bonsai Tree Thief), Busshi (The Fake Sculpture), and Takara no Kasa (The Treasure Hat). 2013-14

4) Bilingual Kyogen Musical MONKEY! – The kyogen Utsubo-Zaru (The Monkey-skin Quiver) is combined with a retelling of the folktale  Momo Taro (Peach Boy). 2015.

5) Ushidorobo no Moooonogatari  (The Cow Thief – a Kyogen mooosical) – based on Ushinusubito, with lots of extras. 2022.

Kyogen plays incorporated into other OMT shows: Chatsubo (The Tea Box) and Kitsunezuka (The Fox Mound).

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